Positioning: Citroen DS

Positioning: Trivento Wine

Brand Positioning: Industrial Welding Machines

European brand positioning exercise for a new machine for a very established and well known global brand, the work was conducted through qualitative work with STICK and TIG welders in the UK on site and off. Understanding current… Read More


Positioning: Tropicana Orange Juice

kidney illustration

Positioning: organ anti-rejection treatment

Brand positioning mapping investigation into the likely adoption of a new anti-rejection drug for the treatment of organ transplant patients. Market landscape exploration Exploring the prescribing legacy and potential for different routes of administration and regimens, we mapped the competitive… Read More

injection face botulinum toxin

Market mapping: botulinum toxin

A range of botulinum based products are on the market and all are regarded as offering a very straightforward treatment. Results are highly regarded for the cosmetic client and found very efficacious for medical use. RA Partners set out to… Read More

bulldog and rabies injections

Positioning: animal vaccine portfolios

Annual animal vaccination boosters offer animals prophylaxis, ensure vets get to see animals regularly but also provide vets with an essential revenue stream. RA Partners looked at vets’ current decision making processes for small animal vaccine choice and the influence… Read More