Mapping: Dysphagia Market – Hydration and Nutritional Products


Lab design: haematology and flow cytometry

This project set out to examine haematologists’ needs in cellular analysis solutions and explore the analyser type, design, and current and future expected lab requirements and test parameters across haematology, morphology and flow cytometry. Walk throughs in the laboratory allowed… Read More

injection face botulinum toxin

Market mapping: botulinum toxin

A range of botulinum based products are on the market and all are regarded as offering a very straightforward treatment. Results are highly regarded for the cosmetic client and found very efficacious for medical use. RA Partners set out to… Read More

older woman

Device testing: Alzeihmers

To examine the relationship and care management between Alzeihmer’s patients and their carers we undertook a series of ethnographic interviews across the UK. Looking at all sides of the debate, we interviewed nurses, neurologists, carers and caring relatives and drafted a… Read More