Ethnography: Stoma Care


Market mapping: endurance sport

Endurance sports, triathlons being the most popular, are the preserve of alpha-males with high disposable incomes and a predilection for gadgets: a potentially great opportunity for product developers. The interest and market in ketone diets in endurance sport training… Read More


Market mapping: weight loss industry

The multi-billion dollar weight loss market is dominated by the main players – Weight Watchers and Co., but they are struggling to maintain market share having been slow to adopt to the digital world. The global recession and boom in… Read More

older woman

Device testing: Alzeihmers

To examine the relationship and care management between Alzeihmer’s patients and their carers we undertook a series of ethnographic interviews across the UK. Looking at all sides of the debate, we interviewed nurses, neurologists, carers and caring relatives and drafted a… Read More

surgical mask

Positioning: abdominal aortic medical device

Developing a position for an abdominal aortic device we conducted interviews with surgeons across Europe and the US to understand perception of device features, benefits, and define the unique value of the device against the competitive landscape. We then filtered all… Read More

endovascular brand positioning

Positioning: a thoracic aortic medical device

Positioning a new product in a crowded market is always an exciting challenge. A recent project was to find the brand position for a new endovascular medical device for the descending aorta that not only cut through to the… Read More