Brand positioning: Appleton’s Rum

Brand positioning: Greenall’s Gin

Brand positioning: Choncha Y Toro – Vina Miapo wine brand


Positioning: Tropicana Orange Juice

conference attendees

Brand positioning: medical conferences

Biba Medical, the leading medical publishing and conference provider for vascular surgeons needed to understand brand perception and event experience at their flagship conference: CX Symposium. We held discussions with physician attendees to map experience and understand what the brand… Read More

surgical mask

Positioning: abdominal aortic medical device

Developing a position for an abdominal aortic device we conducted interviews with surgeons across Europe and the US to understand perception of device features, benefits, and define the unique value of the device against the competitive landscape. We then filtered all… Read More

endovascular brand positioning

Positioning: a thoracic aortic medical device

Positioning a new product in a crowded market is always an exciting challenge. A recent project was to find the brand position for a new endovascular medical device for the descending aorta that not only cut through to the… Read More