Clinical lead mapping: Human Rhino Virus

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A recent desk research project and academic interviews to evaluate the global market size for therapeutics and vaccines targeting HRV highlighted a lack of start ups working in the field. Using a combination of published sources and interviews we created a database of clinical leads and interviewed many scientists working in the field.

Interestingly, while scientists have known about Human Rhinoviruses Type A and B for a many years, 30% of colds are caused by Type C. Human Rhinovirus Type C was only discovered in the past few years, as gene sequencing technology has improved. Researchers have come up with drugs that work against HRV-A and HRV-B by attaching to the surface structures, but the HRV-C surface is different and the drugs don’t bind. The current challenge is to grow HRV-C in labs so study is possible. Until then the common cold will sadly remain.