Comms: heamophilia & long-acting factor


Until now regular prophylactic factor infusion has been the standard of care in the management of patients with severe heamophilia A and B. However, frequent intravenous administration is an inconvenience and frequently leads to patient dissatisfaction and nonadherence. Most patients must infuse two to three times weekly to maintain hemostatic trough levels due to the relatively short half-lives of factor VIII. The arrival of long-acting factor concentrate has been anxiously anticipated, potentially enhancing the convenience of, and adherence to, therapy.

Explaining the complex clinical trial data so it can be immediately interpreted, and recalled with ease is a common challenge in medical publishing. RA Partners interviewed haematologists across Europe to understand their interpretation and understanding of communication materials and data to finalise the material needed to make sure the graphics, data point comparisons, matched what specialists wanted to know and that the key takeouts were correctly and spontaneously recalled. Recommendations enabled the creative agency to tailor communication materials to focus on perceived value.