Inhibitors affect a significant majority of those born with haemophilia and while for most they are successfully managed, for some they are poorly controlled and the consequences are an ongoing issue effecting quality of life. Working with the Haemophilia Society and Fiona McAndrew we conducted a series of workshops with healthcare care professionals and members of the haemophilia community and their carers to prioritise the issues affecting the community and develop campaigning and educational opportunities for the charity.

To examine the relationship and care management between Alzeihmer’s patients and their carers we undertook a series of ethnographic interviews across the UK. Looking at all sides of the debate, we interviewed nurses, neurologists, carers and caring relatives and drafted a patient management and treatment framework from which to explore the options for a injectable medication for Alzheimer’s disease.



Carer experiences – ethnographic interviews

Candid interview with a family discussing their experiences of caring for their young daughter who has RTT. Part of a wider ethnographic study to examine the role of carers and the challenges they face accessing services.

Retirement – ethnographic interviews

Series of ethnographic interviews with people of all ages examining what retirement means to them and understanding of the changes to pension regulations in England and Wales.