Language and visual cues were the focus of this study, to deliver the basic understanding needed for communication materials to describe the treatment of post Myocardial Infarction patients. In-depth discussions conducted with physicians and nurses found the common language and emotional triggers around the management of post-MI patients that deliver relevance to the clinician. Imagery and visual cues were tested and the combination and hierarchy of relevance established.

Inhibitors affect a significant majority of those born with haemophilia and while for most they are successfully managed, for some they are poorly controlled and the consequences are an ongoing issue effecting quality of life. Working with the Haemophilia Society and Fiona McAndrew we conducted a series of workshops with healthcare care professionals and members of the haemophilia community and their carers to prioritise the issues affecting the community and develop campaigning and educational opportunities for the charity.

European brand positioning exercise for a new machine for a very established and well known global brand, the work was conducted through qualitative work with STICK and TIG welders in the UK on site and off. Understanding current work practice, brand preference and different reasons for machine use on site and workshops were examined. Importance of brand loyalty and perception of workhorse reputation, simplicity, apprentice management, portability, warranty and power were all explored.

Brand positioning mapping investigation into the likely adoption of a new anti-rejection drug for the treatment of organ transplant patients.

Market landscape exploration

Exploring the prescribing legacy and potential for different routes of administration and regimens, we mapped the competitive landscape and highlighted the potential drivers and barriers to adoption; finding a product position and delivering a communication strategy for launch.

Biba Medical, the leading medical publishing and conference provider for vascular surgeons needed to understand brand perception and event experience at their flagship conference: CX Symposium. We held discussions with physician attendees to map experience and understand what the brand and symposium experience meant to physicians. The understanding formed the basis of a marketing strategy that allowed the client to ensure the symposium experience remained true to physicians’ values as the symposium expanded.