Brand positioning


We work across the stages of brand and R&D positioning: from diagnostics and landscape exploration; to creation and message definition; to the realisation of communication and the monitoring of performance.


Across the spectrum: from product development; to concept development; to audit; to product launch and assessment; we have it covered. We work with branding agencies, creative agencies, and also commercial and research partners direct.


One framework: different methods.

Experience tells us, that whilst every project must be treated uniquely, a framework is essential. Having completed hundreds of research projects in our careers we value the tried and tested approaches. Validity is critical. We don’t adopt new research technologies unless we can prove their benefit. We like to merger traditional qualitative approaches, utilising NLP, projectives and semiotics with digital both online and through documentary film. 


About the individual.

Our work is essentially putting the human face to big data. Finding that face is incredibly important in an era where we are drowning in data. Increasing evidence suggests for example treatment choice is influenced by doctors’ perceptions of their patients’ philosophy of life. Such motivations aren’t always transparent in datasets. But once you understand such motivations you have a target. This is nub of our work.


The perfect match.

RA Partners focus on understanding the target audience and their approach to life. Once we have the evidence base, we then recommend how to align your interests to create the perfect match.

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